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The basis of content marketing is a good story. A story that touches. Especially in B2B markets and government, content is paramount. That is why Voxx employs experienced copywriters and B2B copywriters who can write technical, substantive, social and, above all, complex texts in a way that touches your target audience.

Our content contributes to your credibility, character, leadership and distinctiveness. Our Voxx Story team is happy to support you in this. substantive, social and, above all, complex texts in a way that touches the target audience.


storytelling & selling

At Voxx Story, you will find exceptional storytellers who create a compelling story for your customers. Our senior copywriters create stimulating content that leads to action and emotion. Because even in marketing and communication, emotion is the oxygen to ignite your customer's flame. How do you do that?


content creation

All information must ultimately be processed into an interesting, well-structured and easily readable text. But content creation is more than that. The Voxx Story team provides fresh stories for a variety of content assets. A story tailored to your goal, target group and content carrier.


write texts

At Voxx, we have been writing content for the most diverse clients for over 25 years. For B2B, for the government, for the construction sector, for websites and newsletters, for the trade press and our own people. We deliver technical and innovative stories that promote sustainability and make an impact. Our copywriters understand complex content and are able to write texts on almost any subject!


tenders and pitches

Many B2B companies participate in tenders. This type of writing is another skill altogether. In order to win, you need to create a selling story. Our B2B copywriters have been writing tenders for more than 15 years and maintain a 90% success rate!


PR and free publicity

Where does the customer want to go? What is the problem? What is the question behind the question? Before we start writing, we begin with a brainstorming session in order to answer all the key questions.


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