Content with depth: our expertise

Credibility is everything in B2B content marketing. Most organisations have critical customers who know at least as much about a product or service as they do. Do you want to translate complex information into understandable and attractive content? From the government to the construction sector, and from high tech to sustainability: whatever field you occupy, we can help you get your message across.

Expert content for your B2B target group

As a content marketing and communication agency, we understand the challenges of creating quality content. That is why, in addition to B2B designers and strategists, Voxx also has content copywriters who were originally engineers, business analysts or business journalists. We also have a sociologist on our team who can help you target your campaigns and stories.

Highlights innovations for a sustainable and green world
Content marketing for builders, property developers and construction innovations
From 100% IT knowledge to catchy content for content know-how
Content marketing for stories behind high-tech marvels and innovative technology
Content with a feel for the political and social arena


Stories on energy and sustainability

Sustainability is the concept of the 21st century. For Voxx, this concept revolves around stories about CO2 reduction, recycling and upcycling of materials, energy saving, sustainable production methods and a circular economy. These are hot topics when it comes to content marketing for companies and governments. New technologies and innovations have a lot to offer in the field of sustainability. It is this connection between high tech, innovation, green practices and sustainability that we find extremely interesting. As an experienced communication agency, Voxx has been providing content marketing in the field of sustainability and sustainable technologies for many years.


About high-tech industry innovations

Our country is full of wonderful companies that produce innovative high-tech masterpieces in the field of chips, photonics, robotics, high-tech materials, aerospace, innovative food production and bioplastics. However, such innovations are not limited to national borders. Voxx also provides international content, publications, pr. We also develop content marketing strategies to gain global exposure to get into the international spotlight as an innovative company. And all in high-tech English, of course.


B2B Storytelling for IT companies

Communicating about IT and digitalisation requires up-to-date substantive IT knowledge. Which items of technical knowledge should be converted into information and which should not? We understand exactly what IT is all about when it comes to cybersecurity, the cloud, blockchain, architecture, migration and integration. In recent years, we have created 100% customer-oriented B2B content. These can be resources such as in-depth content for white papers, leaflets, brochures, blogs, videos or product sheets. We also develop complete content marketing campaigns where we deliver podcasts, radio commercials, videos, PR projects or webinars.


Building a brand with content on installation, infrastructure & real estate

The Dutch construction sector is characterised by its innovative strength. Contractors, construction companies, real estate developers, architects, installation companies: everyone is working on sustainable construction solutions. We create content about innovative building materials, target-group-oriented construction, gas-free and energy-efficient construction, zero on the meter (NoM), BREEAM, BENG, new office concepts and transformation. From real estate campaign to construction marketing: we make sure everyone sees and understands your content. You can turn to Voxx for building blocks such as videos, articles, blogs, vlogs, websites, digital magazines and photography. But also tenders, tenders and proposal processes for the construction industry are our speciality. This is how you build a strong brand.


Understandable content with knowledge of political sensitivities and interests

Working for the government is a specialised activity. It requires in-depth substantive knowledge and a feeling for politics and administrative agendas. Policies determined by the national government and at the municipal or provincial level often influence us very directly as citizens. This requires content that everyone understands. Over the years, Voxx has worked with important clients such as ministries and implementing organisations. For these government agencies, we provide content aimed at companies, organisations and knowledge institutions, and for our representatives of the people. The government turns to our copywriters to for texts going from C2- to B1 level should be written, but also for national and international campaigns but also for national and international campaigns to support our entrepreneurs. In addition, we are responsible for accounting for figures, reports and results as part of the content we produce for the government.


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