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The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) supports entrepreneurs in their sustainable, innovative and international ambitions. This is done through all kinds of programmes, subsidies, trade missions, information and meetings. For some 10 years, Voxx has supported more than 15 programmes, all of which call on our creative and executive side. For some programmes, we have been working as a permanent communications and content agency for more than 5 years.

This results in national and international campaigns, animations, films, over 250 trade magazine articles, content strategies, rewritten websites, online and offline advertisements, brochures, leaflets, books, photo reports and years of interim support from our communication consultants.

Bioplastics for Retail campaign

Behavioural campaign on packaging materials

Facts & Fables about bioplastics

The retail industry is wary when it comes to sourcing products packaged in bioplastics. Rightly so? There are pros and cons, of course. But above all, there is a lot that is unknown. That is why we developed a (behavioural) change campaign around the Facts & Fables of Bioplastics.

Through audience research, we discovered intrinsic motivation and the influence of external policy incentives. Based on this, we prepared a campaign with roundtable discussions, films, a magazine, infographics and the publication of a study.

Infographic bioplastics English campaign

Strategy, concept and resources

From communication strategy to elaboration

creative campaigns

We develop campaigns for bioplastics, recycling and upcycling, photonics, robotics and general marketing for RVO in the Netherlands, and Dutch entrepreneurs with ambitions abroad.

films, videos and animations

> 75

International marketing and PR

Voxx puts several international
entrepreneurs and programmes on the world map. We work for INTERREG, Horizon2020, International Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Biomass, Holland Branding and Partners in Business, among others.


plugging, writing and getting journal articles published


Understandable and effective government communication

Accessible websites: take care of your IT, think about your content


 With a new branding and tight positioning, Technology Park Ypenburg will become 'the new hot spot of the Dutch manufacturing industry' in no time.

IQI strategically responds to market developments with white papers and steadily builds relationships with customers and target audiences through reliable content.

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