Why is B2B storytelling so important?

For good B2B storytelling for high-tech companies, IT companies and the construction sector, among others, turn to a specialist agency: Voxx Content in Context. A fairytale? No, but the support you are looking for for your B2B story can start like this...

Once upon a time, there was a super strong story. It ensured that a company managed to sell something that no one actually needed in the first place. The story eventually became more famous than the service and product itself. The story survived decades of new product releases and is still cited as the model for all other stories. That story was told by brands. Brands that became big because of their story.

B2B storytelling by our agency gets to the heart of content marketing for construction, IT and high-tech companies. Ultimately, every organisation has an inspiring story. The trick is to tell not about yourself and your product, but about your dream. That is the essence of our profession. Telling good stories through striking words and appealing images. So that you are not the only one dreaming of that better, sustainable future. But many with you.

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What can Voxx do for you in terms of B2B storytelling?

We are an agency with great storytellers who will craft a compelling story for your clients through B2B storytelling and content marketing for IT companies, the construction industry and high-tech companies, among others. We provide thought-provoking information that leads to the desired action. Because we only work with seniors, we are able to really understand what you are talking about and what you want to say. Our storytelling agency creates strong content for the construction industry, IT companies and high-tech companies, among others. At our creative communications agency, we help you with:


Making positioning concrete with B2B storytelling

B2B storytelling is more than just telling something, it has to be a good and strong story with creative content. Suppose you are in the lift and have five floors to go. What story do you tell about your company then? What should stick with the other person? At B2B storytelling For the construction sector, high-tech companies and IT companies, we map that out as an agency in marketing. We first create your hijab: this is the basis, the core, the backbone of your story. This is where we hang all your other messages. Then our copywriters tell your story together with our content designers who shape it.

what convinces others

Storytelling is also about communicating those stories regularly. You obviously want your story to be heard or read and to achieve its purpose. For that, you need a compelling story: a story with meaning for the person you want to reach. An honest and strong story: what you tell is true and suits you and your company.

emotion is the oxygen

Good storytellers tell a compelling story. Telling such a story is quite tricky. Want a little hint? Emotion is the oxygen for a good storyteller. With it, you connect to the other person's world. Of course, it is also important to tell a story with a head and a tail. Preferably in such a way that the other person is triggered to think, laugh or another stimulus you are looking for. A real story that evokes emotions is a story with meaning. It leads to action. We are happy to develop these stories for you: B2B storytelling that contributes to your commercial success!


Get help telling your story

With storytelling, you have a strong story to tell your target audience. An inspiring story appeals to people and spurs them into action. Not sure which story or how best to tell it? We will be happy to help you. As a creative agency, we enjoy creating storytelling for high-tech companies, the construction sector and IT companies, among others.

Call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to and get in touch with our content marketing specialists. We operate in as many as five content areas of knowledge, including construction industry and the high tech industry and find personal and direct contact very important.

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