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How do you build a brand with content that cuts wood (or concrete)?

Voxx develops content marketing for companies in the construction industry. We create vlogs, blogs, articles, magazines and videos about transformation or new construction methods. We talk about sustainable production methods, circular construction and chain-oriented forms of cooperation. So, are you looking for a good story or content marketing expertise for your company in the construction sector? Then feel free to knock on our door!

from prefab to energy transition

Content marketing for the construction industry: we love it! Because the innovations are flying around your ears. Think: prefab houses, smart bridges, green asphalt and VR showrooms. Or challenges such as energy transition, inclusive area development and affordable housing.

Content marketing is an important pillar of communication for any company in the construction industry. From a real estate campaign to construction marketing: good content is your foundation. This is how you build a strong brand!


for whom we work_


Labour campaign gives personal insight into construction work

Inform Bouwend Nederland on legislation and sustainable solutions


Content for video, magazines and blogs to campaign concepts and tenders

We write about 100 articles on energy-neutral building, sustainable materials and special collaborations between municipalities, builders and residents. We do this including press and plug work to really get all these stories noticed. We are also at your service for social media for B2B communication.

tenders and construction tenders

In addition, we specialise in writing tenders for large construction projects. We have participated in more than 75 tenders; from best value to EMVI tenders. The number of tenders we did not win can literally be counted on one hand.


Engage us for content marketing in the construction industry

Do you have a project that is not quite running smoothly yet and could use some help with content marketing for your company in the construction industry? Then the experts at our creative communication agency happy to help you create content. Because we have various areas of knowledge have, you can also come to us as an IT company or if you work in the field of technology and innovation. Call us at +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to to discuss the possibilities.

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