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Why business copywriting?

Business copywriting is an art. As a business copywriter, we create B2B content (copywriting) that gets read. So when you want to outsource content copywriting to us, we don't start with writing right away, but with questions. What is your company's message, context and purpose?

Business copywriting is our first nature

Copywriting for B2B has been at the heart of Voxx Content in Context. In doing so, we go for substance: through our knowledge of the (often tricky) matter of clients, we are a full-service B2B copywriter for outsourcing business content copywriting. And did you know that we provide both Dutch and English copy?

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What can Voxx do for you?

Do you need new copy or want to reuse existing content? A content copywriter from Voxx can write a news item on any content topic as well as a post for intranet, external magazine, an internet blog, Twitter and Facebook or a press release. In a world that is always 'on', outsourcing business content copywriting for B2B is the way to create sufficient content.


Interviews and few corrections

Getting to the right content thanks to interviews or supplied information; that is an art. But how and where can you best tell your story? Why do you tell it and to whom? When outsourcing business content copywriting for B2B to our senior copywriters, we therefore take care of the context first, then the text.

This also ensures that our texts often undergo few rounds of correction. By thoroughly understanding what our client's customer really needs, we quickly get to the heart of the matter. Many clients are therefore surprised that they sometimes only need to change one word in a few A4 of text.

Having content written for companies is also about fine-tuning texts with interviewees or spokespeople. The challenge is to align the interests of all stakeholders without sacrificing readability and attractiveness. Only then will you get an approved text that fits your message from A to Z.

Geert van der Velden
Geert van der VeldenInnovation manager at IQI Trusted Petfood Ingredients
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"Regardless of delivering sometimes unstructured input, Voxx always manages to put down clear, tight white papers. Often the text is sharp at once, leaving us with incredibly little textual correction to make. The complexity of the content does not matter, this is picked up very quickly with a piece of solid research for scientific substantiation. Always provided with good tips and speed in delivery."

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Dutch and English: copy for an international audience

Besides Dutch-language content copywriting, we also have years of experience in writing various (B2B and G2B) texts in English. English is the working language for more and more Dutch companies with international clients, and by us you can have strong content written in that language too. Especially in high tech industry, IT sector and innovative and sustainable technology companies, English is the basic language. Consequently, print and online resources they release exclusively in UK or US English, both internally and externally. At Voxx, we know what this involves.

Communicating in a foreign language not only means making sure the translation is good; it also requires editorial content that takes into account different language nuances. Sometimes we take care of the entire translation, but more often we edit and write all short and long copy and content. For this, we also work closely with native English speakers. As a B2B copywriting agency, we have gained a lot of experience in the field of Dutch- and English texts and we are happy to help you. So you can have content written by our content creators who have already written strong campaigns for many companies.


Outsource copywriting to the experts

Are you looking for a business copywriter to outsource your B2B content copywriting? Would you like to have content written for your companies with international customers? With us, you have direct, personal and short lines of communication with our seniors, allowing us to move quickly and write the perfect text for you. We have five areas of expertise within which we operate and substantively understand what our clients are talking about. Want to spar about the possibilities? Then call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to We work in small teams which ensures short lines of communication and personal and direct contact.

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