Accessible, understandable and effective content for government communication

As a government, how do you make sure you communicate clearly and really connect with your target audience? Because understandable communication for every citizen, entrepreneur or knowledge institution is a priority for every government organisation.

Creating content for the government also requires in-depth knowledge and a feel for politics and administrative agendas. Working for the government is therefore a separate branch of sport. As an experienced communications agency, Voxx Content in Context has been supporting clients within the broad spectrum of government for over 20 years - from municipalities, provinces, central government, implementing organisations and knowledge institutions to social non-profit organisations and ministries.


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Understanding political and social forces

Within the public sector, we work for a wide variety of clients. We work on internal and external communication issues for various ministries, provinces and municipalities. This requires understanding which parties represent which interests. And how to deal with politically-sensitive information.

This requires understanding and experience of the political and social force field. Since 1999, we have been advising on communication policy and writing reports, annual reports, brochures, press releases and information material, among other things.

In doing so, the government must above all communicate clearly and comprehensibly. After all, target groups not only need clear and accessible information; they have even entitled to. That is why we provide accessible means of communication, B1 texts, factual annual reports or, on the contrary, inspiring stories with a human face. Information that ensures the right story is told, with a sense of political relationships.


Communicating from government to business

The government not only communicates to citizens, but also does a lot for and together with Dutch business. For instance, through advice programmes, subsidy programmes, schemes, trade missions and stimulating triple helix collaborations. To communicate all this support, Voxx is therefore developing creative campaigns, concepts and content. Through audience research, desk research and reports, we formulate the right communication strategy, and develop these into an appropriate set of effective campaign tools.

Meanwhile, Voxx Content in Context has been working for the government for more than 20 years including executive government organisations such as the Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland. To this end, we develop content specifically focused on grants, sustainable innovations, innovation credits, field labs, ecosystems, European innovation projects and international economic missions or support to entrepreneurs abroad.

All the knowledge and expertise we gain at RVO can also be put to good use with our clients in the IT, construction and manufacturing sectors. Because these sectors in particular are often on the eve of new technological, sustainable innovations which the Dutch government is happy to support.



Dozens of articles, client reports, and white papers for international IT service provider

Content-driven social content puts pet food supplier on the international map


Need clear government communication?

We specialise in five areas of knowledge, including the government. Thanks to our many years of experience at government bodies such as the central government, RVO, various municipalities and provinces including the municipality of The Hague and the province of North Brabant, knowledge institutes and ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, we understand what our clients are talking about and provide content advice, copy and support. Want to know how we can tell your story? Then call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to We always work with an expert and experienced team with short lines of communication and personal contact.
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