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How do you create content marketing that scores in the high-tech industry?

Voxx provides content marketing for various tech companies throughout the Netherlands. The Dutch high-tech and manufacturing industry is an amazing, innovative sector that we have every right to be proud of. Innovative concepts are constantly being developed that make the world more beautiful, better, cleaner and more liveable. Think of electric cars, high-tech materials, such as composites from algae or carbon, solar panels, blades for wind turbines, smart food production, photonic chips or the application of robotics to make life easier in care or construction illuminate. Want to put your high-tech solution in the spotlight? Then you should get content for high-tech companies written by our content creators.


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Genius high-tech solutions in the spotlight thanks to content marketing

While tech entrepreneurs are often brilliant, unfortunately they are not always the most scintillating storytellers. As a result, sometimes their story does not come 100% across the stage. After all, a true tech entrepreneur knows all about his genius solution, but in doing so often mainly explains the technology - and not the why behind the solution.

However, do you want a story that also appeals to your potential customer's CEO, CFO and CTO? Then the technical story (the 'how') needs to be translated into a 'what is in it for us?' story. That's why at Voxx we (also) employ engineers who not only understand technology quickly but also know how to make the story appealing to less technical audiences. As a result, you can have us write great content for high-tech companies. In fact, as an agency, we are happy to handle communications for various tech companies.

From seaweed burgers to photonic chips

As a creative communications agency, we therefore provide the B2B content marketing for high-tech companies and manufacturing industries. Think of stories our agency writes in communications for tech companies about:

  • Smart meters, smart grids and charging stations
  • Innovations for energy saving in industry
  • Aerospace, new space and satellites
  • Protein from duckweed and seaweed burgers
  • Omega 3, algae, egg powder and other feed ingredients
  • Advanced composite
  • Photonics, photonic chips and other applications
  • Smart robotics and home automation
  • The pros and cons of bioplastics
  • Recycling and upcycling
  • Automation and digitalisation of the manufacturing industry
  • High-tech machines, robots and smart industry
  • Sustainable building methods and circular construction
  • Pyrolysis techniques for a bio-based economy

You notice: we are happy to tell you more about it.


Results-oriented communication strategy gives new industrial cluster dream start

This is how this scale-up became the pearl of the Dutch manufacturing industry


Feel free to hand over your high-tech content

Dutch industry on the world stage

It is eminently important for Dutch industry to be at the forefront of the world stage: we may be a small country, but in a lot of industrial fields we are definitely world leaders. Customers in the high-tech and manufacturing industry are therefore particularly complicated for companies to reach, and we are happy to help with good content marketing. The market is often relatively orderly, the number of buyers is high, a customer's buying cycle can sometimes take years and decisions often go over many stages. By having our agency organise the communication, we help tech companies get off to a good start.

Different content than HEMA needs

Not an easy market in short, and therefore all the more interesting. Because Voxx Content in Context the high-tech (manufacturing) industry from the inside, we also know the challenges and understand how to content marketing can help companies communicate to B2B customers and channels. It is different from B2C and the choices companies make in terms of digital marketing are really different from those for the consumer market. Why having content written for high-tech companies is different, we would be happy to explain to you in a personal conversation.

Get in touch!

So, are you looking for a partner experienced in taking content marketing out of the hands of tech companies and manufacturing industries? A specialist who can move quickly, works with short lines, personal and direct contact, and can quickly immerse themselves in your company? Then make use of Voxx Content in Context's expertise and decide to let us write the content of your high-tech companies. At our agency, we only work with seniors to make your tech companies' communication the best it can be. You can easily discuss the possibilities by calling +31(0) 20427 4433 or by sending an e-mail to

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