Developing IT content for A-brands


We have been working for international IT services provider Capgemini since 1999. We were there when intranet was introduced and Voxx provided the writers for the internal stories and news items. We were also there when Capgemini integrated with Ernst & Young and we supported the internal communications and campaigns.

We have also filled interim roles as ghostwriters for board communications and speeches, editor-in-chief of the external client magazine Face to Face, project manager of marketing resources and interim press support and consultant social media. We also write full website pages, Point of Views, white papers, Client Reports, blogs, client references and product sheets. We do this in English and Dutch.

On the map with branded content

Since 2010, we have also been writing long copy articles for Capgemini in the FD. That branded content can be about a theme such as 'Trends in Security' or to highlight certain customers. The articles are shared on the special partner page of Capgemini. We write everything in a journalistic way, which means we highlight what Capgemini's views are on certain topics. What is the impact of blockchain? What can we expect in terms of cybersecurity? How will IT impact the jobs of the future? 

The articles are supported by banners, as well as by page-wide 'company' ads integrated into the FD site. We also rewrite the articles as blogs for the website and/or personal Linkedin posts. The result? More than 5,000 interactions per campaign and a satisfied customer who comes back every quarter.

Employed since


IT content

We develop content on cybersecurity, business services, cloud services, Artificial Intelligence, infrastructure, business intelligence, digitalisation and the intelligent industry.


Storytelling for IT companies: complex subject matter insightful

B2B content: these are the facts


Airborne believes digitalisation is completely changing the world of composite manufacturing. Through social selling, free publicity and PR, it engages its customers in its mission.  

Deutsche Telekom also focuses on IT services. T-Systems, T-Mobile's sister company, provides IT solutions such as cloud and security. Voxx takes care of content.

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