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Content creation for B2B marketing

The right B2B content creation is unique and indispensable in a successful content strategy for your business. That is where we like to help you. We create content in various forms, such as B2B storytelling, video, copy, design, branded content and animation. Before we get started with your B2B content creation, we first discuss together the best content strategy and the goals you want to achieve as a company. To determine whether the strategy is successful, we want to be able to measure it.

work with seniors with content knowledge

As a creative communications agency, we work for companies and institutions in five sectors. For example, we provide content marketing for large companies in construction industry, IT and the high tech industry. Only experienced seniors work at Voxx, so we can move quickly and always deliver quality.

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What can Voxx do for you in terms of content creation for B2B?

Of course you want interesting, well-structured and easy-to-read text. But B2B content creation is more than that. Our creative communication agency provides all kinds of stories for all kinds of content assets. A story tailored to your purpose, target audience and content carrier. Among other things, we provide:


Reaching your target audience with specialist B2B content

The best way to generate trust and engagement is by creating authentic, relevant or, in other words, good content. At Voxx, we know how to create that successful content with you. We write up your story as clearly as possible. We communicate it through the right channels. And if necessary, we support it with banners, digital ads, blog posts, etc. So nobody needs to miss your story!

content creation via owned, paid and earned

Content creation for B2B is distributed through three types of media channels: earned, owned and paid. Owned are your channels that you manage yourself such as your website and social media channels. Earned are channels that share your content (for free) such as platforms of industry organisations but influencers also play a role here. Paid media are the channels for which you pay to share your content. In other words, the real advertising work. This can be via social media (think LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) but paid is also the good old Mupi on the street or a billboard along the road or an ad in a trade magazine or newspaper.

Also consider branded content

An interesting example of effective business-to-business communication is the use of branded content. Branded content is a paid medium: a form of advertising where you bring content to the attention of the target audience via a third party. Think of specialist trade magazine articles on circular entrepreneurship in the supplement of a science magazine. Or sharing the research results of a FinTech study on the website of a reputable newspaper. Because you are not sending the message yourself, but facilitating it, this content must meet high quality standards.

Branded content comes in many shapes and sizes. From a series of articles or blogs, the results of a survey, expert reporting or vlogs to whitepapers or an advertorial. Which form of dissemination works best varies depending on the purpose, message and target audience. Next, it is just as important to know through which channel you distribute your content. Does your target group use this channel? Does it fit your company's image? Before you decide to invest in branded content, we can help you clarify this. After all, it's all about the content, or as we at Voxx say: no story, no glory! For Capgemini we achieved interesting results with branded content!

Branded content for Capgemini

Why did Capgemini choose branded content and what did it deliver?


Create unique content using our expertise

Would you like to tell your unique story? Then take advantage of our expertise in B2B content creation. We find a personal connection very important, which is why we would love to hear more about your company and your activities. Want to know what we do? Then take a look at our various cases. For your unique story, call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 and get to speak to one of our staff members. Of course, you can also send an e-mail to:

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