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Airborne is an ambitious scale-up that believes that automation and digitization will completely change the world of composite production. Parts for aircraft, ships, satellites and missiles are made from composite: fiber reinforced plastic. This product is extremely light, extremely strong and does not corrode. However, the production is still mainly manual work. This can and must be done differently if composite is to be affordable and used more widely. From 2017, Voxx will provide content marketing to promote Airborne internationally.

In the first year of working for Airborne, the Estimated Earned Media Value rises rapidly to sixfold. The investment is a substantial multiple. Our efforts give Airborne's brand awareness an enormous boost internationally, as evidenced by data, customer reactions and concrete B2B inbound leads.

Content marketing for international rebranding

26.3 mio readers reached

What does free publicity yield? We now achieve an annual reach of 26.3mio from an international readership. Several leading media outlets contact us themselves to pen Airborne's unique story.

ROI on marketing

€550,000 EEMV

per year, publicity and social media deliver an Estimated Earned Media Value of €550,000. In addition to more than 51% inbound leads

growth social media channels


deployment of social selling

Through social selling, Airborne gets more exposure than through corporate channels alone. Voxx carries out the main editing, supports the content flow and advises employees.

inbound leads



International exposure for Dutch manufacturing industry

When Airborne knocked on Voxx's door for an exhibition brochure in 2017, we recommended creating an online version. Which could immediately also be emailed to interested customers, in a personalised way. This way, customer interest also became measurable and insightful. It was the start of an intensive and successful collaboration.

Although Airborne can call itself a 'pearl of the Dutch manufacturing industry', far from everyone has heard of the company. Our joint goal will therefore be: to increase international brand awareness and put the company on the map as a frontrunner in automation and digitalisation. To this end, we are working structurally to fill the marketing funnel. In close cooperation with the Sales department, we determine which content is used when and in which way.

We linked targeted and thematic messages to sales activities. And sent them out into the world in a structured way based on a content calendar. That content is varied and shared on different channels. We advise, plan and create the content (from blogs to brochures to videos to animations) and ensure measurable results. We also launch an employee ambassadors programme to share content more widely, in a more varied and, above all, more personally.

And all that too in high-tech English.


Airborne nominated for Dutch Marketing Awards

Also scoring content in the high-tech industry?


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