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Content strategy to guide success

Successfully engaging and retaining (potential) customers? That calls for content marketing. With content marketing, you create an engaging story that inspires confidence for the long term.

In B2B, you want to build a relationship. To tell your long-term content in an engaging way, you need a content strategy. That's a plan that lets you know what information, stories or insights you'll tell what kind of customers, when, and how. 

At Voxx Content in Context, you can outsource that B2B content strategy to experienced specialists. In doing so, we look at how to achieve your goals, on time and within budget. Because that is what we are ultimately all about: getting your story to your target group and thereby generating more results (leads, interest, conversations, downloads, etc). You decide when you are satisfied.

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Outsourcing your B2B content strategy: when will you be satisfied?

If you want to outsource your B2B content strategy to us, we will first look together at what is needed to achieve your company's goals. Do you want more phone calls? More MQLs? More exposure? More brand awareness? In short, when will you be satisfied with the results of your content? For a successful strategy, we need to know a few things:

Based on these points, we put together a content strategy. What information do we deploy when and at what point in your customer's journey? How and with what frequency do we distribute that information? Through which (social) means and channels do we do this? But also: where do we get the information we need? And last but not least: how do we measure the result of our joint efforts?

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The approach to B2B content strategy?

Creating a plan means making decisions. What is the right umbrella for your strategy? Do you want to project your expertise over a longer period (e.g. Thought leadership)? Then you choose a different route than when you launch a new product, for example.


trust has to be earned

Indeed, claiming Thought Leadership in a market requires a long breath: you first have to make your target audience aware of their problem, then interest them in a possible solution, and then make them understand and want your solution. After that, they still need to take action. 


Positioning yourself through content then requires consistent and continuous stories that make your customers happy. That is why you tell about issues they recognise, you delve into the pain points. In this way, you hit your target group where it hurts, and where a solution is needed.


You achieve the position of a true leader in content after many blogs, white papers and vision pieces: trust has to be earned. In our view, the power of content marketing is therefore really different from marketing a product or service once.


tailored to your budget

So when outsourcing your B2B content strategy, as a communication agency we first determine what fits your ambitions and customer journeys. Because ultimately, your customer determines how we can best shape the campaign.


We then roll out the plan of action as far as necessary. This may be in the form of a complete communication and marketing project. We can also just draw up a strategy and hand over the implementation to your organisation. It all depends on what best suits your goals and budget.

from strategy to execution

Is the content strategy complete? Then we start working hard. Because a plan is nice, but it has to be implemented. We help you with that too. When outsourcing your content marketing, we take care of your plan from strategy to implementation.


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Could you use some help and want to outsource your company's B2B content strategy? Then take advantage of our experience and expertise. We are creative B2B content creators for several major brands in our areas of expertise. Want to know what we can do for your business? Then get in touch with us! Call us at +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to and meet our team.

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