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Content marketing for B2B: these are the facts

Content marketing is primarily designed to captivate and engage a small business audience, B2B. As content specialists, we know that good B2B content marketing is the basis for reaching your target audience. They need to be convinced by your story. You tell that story most effectively through storytelling. It allows you to draw attention to your story and knowledge in different ways over and over again.

Want to captivate and engage more customers? You can! Then they need to know what you have to say. You do this in various ways and through various channels. What content do they find interesting? And which resources are best to use? As a content specialist, we have listed a few facts about B2B content marketing.


More traffic

Regular blogging leads to 45% more traffic to websites, reports, books, etc.


LinkedIn as a resource

91% of B2B executives choose LinkedIn as primary source for news and relevant content (64% choose online news sources and 29% choose Twitter)


Events where you meet people

76% of B2B executives indicate that events where you meet others are most effective in generating quality leads for their funnel. Followed by lead nurturing campaigns (58%) and webinars (58%).

Be relevant_

Every day content marketing by our specialist in B2B!

In a world where we are 'always on', as a B2B organisation you would prefer to be relevant every day. For your customers, employees and relations. But every day content: that takes time, and time is money. Do you need to be relevant every day? And as a specialist, how do you deploy your B2B content marketing as smartly as possible?

In a world where we are 'always on', as a B2B organisation you would prefer to be relevant every day. For your customers, employees and relations. But every day content: that takes time, and time is money. Do you need to be relevant every day? And as a specialist, how do you deploy your B2B content marketing as smartly as possible?

Always on: really?

The answer is simple. Yes, content marketing takes time and money. But at a time when your press release barely makes it into a newspaper anymore, you need to invest in new ways. You want your customers, relations and employees convince via content, connect and enthuse. This will get you more customers and generate more sales thanks to content marketing. You will see that the positioning of your company significantly improved!

How do you do that?

As content specialists, we know that B2B content marketing is not something that makes money on day 1. Creating new content takes time. Of course, you need to invest if you want to showcase something new, but you can also recycle existing content for your content marketing just fine. Rewrite it, get a different layout, expand or shorten it. Do you have great blogs? Bundle them into an e-book! Interesting research? Don't just turn it into a report, but also into 'snackable' content with infographics, brief conclusions and animated figures.

In short: there are many ways to showcase yourself as a specialist on a daily basis with B2B content marketing. As long as it is relevant, interesting, funny or educational for your audience. Why you should produce so much for your content marketing, read below

Why is content marketing so important for B2B?

  • Most respondents (41%) said they view around 3-5 pieces of content before contacting your sales organisation;

  • 68% of respondents want B2B companies to organise their content based on an issue or problem/pain point (for the customer);

  • Case studies (47%) and webinars (39%) are the top two online content assets most valued as 'influencer content formats';

  • 92% of respondents find peer reviews or user feedback most credible;

  • 63% of all respondents said they do want to give up their data when it comes to a webinar, directly followed by interesting white papers (49%).

B2B channels_

Spread through the best channel

Of course, your stories can be distributed through the website, social media or presentations. But there are plenty of other channels, which not everyone thinks about


Which channels are relevant for content marketing? What do your customers most enjoy reading or receiving? And how do you make sure they receive the right information during their search?

Getting your customer the right information faster

Through B2B digital marketing tools, you can gain precise insight into how your customers are searching. What do they find interesting? What information are they looking at? What keywords are they using? Through this data, you therefore know how your customer provides themselves with information. In turn, you can use that to create a create customer profile and guide him or her faster to content that is relevant. This way, you ease the search for your customer, and make them take action faster. For example: downloading a whitepaper Or pick up the phone for more information.

So what information is actually valued by your customer?

What content do B2B customers value most?


Case studies




Independent report




Peer reviews


Creating content from the right conviction

Creating content every day: that's quite a lot of work. Do you want to invest in content marketing as a specialist in your field? Then we believe it should be relevant, informative, inspiring or instructive. We are convinced that only then will you create content your customers are waiting for. There is already enough bad content out there. That is why Voxx works from the conviction that:

  1. Content always comes first. Only then is communication relevant, meaningful and worth your money.
  2. Communication and content contribute to your success. More people, more sales, more reach: whatever your goals, communication should support them.
  3. Appealing, substantive stories are the basis for credibility. That ensures long-term relationships with your employees, customers and associates.
  4. Collaboration is the key to success. That means: a genuine interest and an honest, practical no-nonsense approach.
  5. Quality is the basis for results. Your customers expect you to communicate on their level, about their issues and pain points. Only quality content makes your customer value you. Only quality is worth an investment.

That way, as a specialist, you get the most out of your investments in B2B content marketing.

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