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How do you make sure you communicate clearly and really connect with each target group? First of all, clear and accessible information needed; that's where people right to.

It is also important to translate that information into accessible communication tools, B1 texts, clear reports or inspiring stories with a human face from an inclusive base.

For more than 20 years, Voxx has supported the broad spectrum of our government. That provides experience, insights and ideas. We are happy to share these with you.

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Selection of examples (web) editing and advice

A lot is possible within government guidelines. Below is a small sample of the work of our (web) editors and consultants in the field of online and offline content productions.

foreign affairs_

Online, real-time OS reports

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to present the results of Development Cooperation unambiguously and clearly. To the Chamber and the general public. To this end, all reports of - then - more than 80 different PDFs, graphs, tables and texts of the various programmes should be put down as one integrated report.

Everything comes together in one online report, fully web-based and 100% responsive. Data is visualised and can be adjusted in real time. Reports are published in Dutch and English.

All content, from visualisations to editorial, aligns with the ministry's goals. Following the edition of 2016 (still available only as an interactive pdf) appear 2017, 2018 and 2019 from our hand.

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Magazine by and for employees

In 2020, the CIBG will be 25 years old. Therefore, the implementing organisation of VWS is publishing an anniversary magazine celebrating as many facets of the organisation as possible.
From a creative brainstorm, a measured editorial board emerges. From three communication pillars, the core values are highlighted and given concrete 'face'.
This creates a magazine about, for and especially by the CIBG. From the donor register to the medical cannabis agency, the magazine celebrates all CIBG employees who work from the enormous commitment to what they do. The stories highlight the social importance and weight of their work.
It was a privilege to record all the stories.

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grant scheme_

Interactive infographic: fewer questions

Interactive SEEH Infographic - infographics.rvo.nl

The home energy saving subsidy scheme (SEEH) is popular. Unfortunately, incorrect applications also come in as well as a variety of questions. This leads to extra work or sometimes even inconvenience for the service desk.

Many questions and incorrectly completed forms are avoidable. Provided the information is communicated clearly and unambiguously. An interactive web-based infographic can support this.

Through a clear reading structure with different information sections and an online checklist, every resident can check in advance whether they are eligible for the subsidy and what the rules of the game are.

This leads to fewer incorrect requests (and frustrations) among homeowners and a decrease in helpdesk phone support.


Communicating online and offline

Infographic bioplastics English campaign

The Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) communicates, informs and activates entrepreneurs - in very diverse fields. One of RVO's ambitions is to better inform retailers about bioplastics. Purchasers of several supermarket chains appear to have question marks about bioplastics, as a result of which it is hardly used.

Facts and fables about bioplastics are mixed up among the target group. From an extensive target group research among retail organisations, insights emerge that are translated into an online magazine, an infographic and articles in the media. Round-table discussions with the target group are also organised.

In view of the target audience, the communication tools appear in both Dutch and English.


Website and social media maintenance

Campaign Image_Social Media Brabant Heritage

For the province of North Brabant, heritage is an important pillar of identity. To this end, the population is invited to contribute their own stories. This requires intensive editing of the new heritage platform.

The platform is being developed from four pillars: innovation, governance, fought and religion.

Through interviews with diverse citizens, a personal information platform is created by and for the province itself. Editors edit supplied content and fill the website with all the great stories.

The province is also creating attention on social media through various channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

knowledge network_

Compass for the future

Technology compass from Kennisnet Education

Kennisnet (OCW) writes the Technology Compass every two years. The aim: to help school boards explore how technology can contribute to educational ambitions.

Because a lot is technically possible, but how do you keep seeing the educational forest through the IT trees? The Technology Compass therefore clearly presents which technological developments are really relevant for our future education. The compass also offers concrete tools in the form of models and various recommendations for implementing technological developments in education.

The compass has an interactive navigation in the pdf itself making information easy to find, but also links to external sources of information to further assist the target audience.


Editorial, social and website

Corbey Commission report

The Corbey Commission is responsible for providing advice to the government on biomass sustainability issues. The opinions are shared through publications, website and social media.

The editorial team is responsible for formatting and publishing the opinions and all website and social media management. We are also 'ghostwriter' for chair Dorette Corbey and maintain her personal social media profile.

2016 marks the end of the commission's work. To mark the end of the commission, an interactive pdf publication will be published looking back at seven years of achievements and contributions to the biobased economy. (The website is now offline)

Download the interactive final report (pdf) >>

air force_

Renewal of website and all air bases

The Royal Air Force has a comprehensive website and it was severely outdated. Not only the website itself but also all (then independent) websites of the airbases and components need to be renewed. A huge job: all existing content is inventoried, supplemented and/or renewed.

Because of the stringent delivery dates, complexity of the assignment and sensitivity of the information, the communications department requires a team of permanent editors who can also step in ad hoc when needed.

For 3 years, we support editorial capacity with a team of four to six editors adapting both the main website and the websites for all airbases in the Netherlands.


Parts website refresh

The Ministry of Defence wants to revamp some website sections. This requires two web editors to support the communications department 3-4 days a week.
For the new sections, we are also working intensively with the external IT supplier who is currently responsible for an improvement project and the implementation of the new website.
For 1 year, we will work as external web editors with the ministry's communications department to revamp the site sections.

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From editing, advice and texts to campaigns and videos

Development cooperation in one integrated report: how?

More government and affiliated cases


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