Economic Security for Entrepreneurs


Economic security: the newspapers are full of it. The topic is urgent and increasingly important as various countries are pursuing increasingly stringent policies on it. Thus in the Netherlands begin 2023 the law Vsafety test for investments, mergers and acquisitions (Vifo) in force whereby investments, mergers and acquisitions testedt will be on national security implications. For information and education for entrepreneurs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs therefore plans to set up the Entrepreneurs' Desk on Economic Security.

The counter will be in Q1 of 2023 furnished. Voxx advises on and develops the communication strategy and visual identity. The aim is to make the counter wide attention bring of entrepreneurs and the ecosystem. This means that the counter must be clearly positioned and must be communicated how the counter fulfils the target group needs. Voxx then also takes care of all execution.

Strategy, identity and execution

clear positioning

How do you make sure the target audience knows and understands what the Entrepreneurs' Counter can do for them? What can you find there? And what exactly does 'economic security' mean? Through several sessions, together with the client, we arrive at a clear positioning of OLEV, with core message and strategy.

recognisable style

A distinctive 'brand' has its own style. We develop a signpost that can be visually tilted and thus used in different ways. We also select the photography style.

ASML man in business attire moved a box in 'the clean box room'. The enable affordable microelectronics that improve the quality of life. They invent, develop, manufacture in service advanced technology for high-tech lithography, metrology and software solutions for the semiconductor industry.

We also select a distinctive photography style based on the image bank of the State House style.

Toolbox full of resources

We develop in 1 year:

  • factsheets
  • FAQs
  • brochures
  • website banners
  • social media templates
  • event resources
  • presentation template
  • case studies


Communication strategy and implementation OLEV

The Entrepreneur Counter Economic Security (OLEV) is hét central government contact point for international SME entrepreneurs who are working in the world of knowledgeintensive fields and key technologies, and who to make can get with economic security risks. The counter offers the only platform in the Netherlands integral and current information, knowledge and (customisation)advice on economic security, including the law Vifo. 

Counter on the map

Putting the counter on the map requires a communication strategy. Voxx develops the strategy with an eye for the various target groups and stakeholders, and ensures planning of communication activities. We then implement it. In one year, we take care of setting up the website, all resources for the Toolbox, and support the launch event where the minister provides for the opening of the counter. We develop a short animation for the official launch event.

Visual identity

We are developing our own visual identity for the counter, developed in line with the central government's house style. By using this visual identity distinguishes the counter from other counters and institutions. The visual identity consists of specific, visual/graphic elements, colours and photography. The counter will have its own 'Visual Identity' document. This will contain the guidelines for the further deployment and use of the various elements.  


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