Chicken, the most versatile piece of soya

Transition to plant-based nutrition


Ojah is a global player and undisputed expert in 'tasty' alternatives to meat and fish. Food engineers and founders Frank Giezen, Jeroen Willemsen and Wouter Jansen discovered by accident in 2009 a product with almost exactly the same texture as chicken, purely based on water and vegetable protein. Before they realised it, customers were queuing up and producing thousands of kilos of their fish and meat substitute. Today, Ojah is a large, mature company serving almost all segments of the food industry. This makes them a key driver of the transition to plant-based nutrition.
Since 2023, Voxx has supported Ojah in conceiving, creating and strategically deploying content for their various online channels, especially the corporate website and LinkedIn. The goal: even better online visibility and brand awareness among the company's various target groups.

website texts

For their new corporate website, Ojah sought smooth texts with content tailored to different target audiences and with a tone of voice that fits the brand and company identity.


Voxx recommended forging and sharply (re)structuring existing texts and other basic information for more effective distribution across the various website pages.


A fresh corporate website with 'tasteful' copy that concisely tells the Ojah story and describes the company's relevant expertise per target group - in order to strike the right chord with every visitor. Ojah then asked Voxx as its permanent content partner for advice and implementation.
Ojah Chicken from Soy

roll out content strategy

The next step in our cooperation is to draw up and roll out Ojah's content strategy. For this, Voxx draws up an annual plan based on sales targets. Work is done through revenue-related deployment of content and campaigns.


Food transition in full swing, including for pets

Also scoring content in the high-tech industry?


Smart content and channel strategy ensures that the development company ROM InWest is increasingly found by sustainable, innovative entrepreneurs in North Holland.

RVO supports entrepreneurs with grants, loans and investments in various transitions in the field of sustainable innovations. Such as sustainable food and energy. Case stories from entrepreneurs help to show how the support from RVO is deployed.
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