We are growing! Will you come and help?

Ervaren projectcoördinator communicatie

We groeien. Best snel. Met dank aan onze inspirerende en leuke opdrachtgevers. Kom je helpen om die groei inhoud en vorm te geven? Ja natuurlijk! Want jij bent onze nieuwe ervaren projectcoördinator communicatie!

Jij bent:

  • Iemand die verschillende projecten naast elkaar kan oppakken en uitvoeren.
  • Een hands-on aanpakker die luistert, meedenkt, plannen schrijft, en de uitvoering van A tot Z regelt.
  • Een teamspeler die ook gewoon de leiding pakt waar nodig.
  • Een professional die klanten weet te ontzorgen en zich verantwoordelijk voelt voor een topresultaat.
  •  Een ervaren projectcoördinator/manager die ervaring heeft met overheidstrajecten of grote organisaties.
  • Een leuk persoon om mee samen te werken.

Here's what you like

  • Helping people and solving cases for them (hospitality experience is a plus for us!).
  • Humour and dealing with diverse personalities.
  • Making complex pathways simple.
  • Keeping several balls in the air.
  • Achieve success for others because: their growth is your growth.

And this is what you bring

  • Fun personality, dose of curiosity, touch of inspiration no objection.
  • Lekker veel ervaring met projecten leiden en begeleiding van collega’s.
  • You shake solutions out of your sleeve, also thanks to your hands-on attitude.
  • You naturally feel at home in our markets: government, IT, construction, (manufacturing) industry, sustainability, innovation and/or technology.
  • You are keen to develop yourself further at a great agency with fun colleagues.

At Voxx you will find:

First of all, a job with attractive working conditions, but also a lot of independence, and freedom. We are a flat organisation and work in self-managing teams. You coordinate holidays with your colleagues. We have been working from home since 2008 and cloud solutions exist. But you are also welcome at our office in the heart of Amsterdam. We love bitterballen, bowling and beers. Non-alcoholic ones too, by the way.

More importantly, we pay attention to your individual development and
training opportunities. We believe in talent development: training and persevering to get somewhere, repeating to get better; not tricks but deepening; not just form but content above all. We help you get further!

CV is fine, with personal story to For more information, please call Lennart van der Eerden (020 427 44 33).


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