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Tenders, EMVI and Best Value Procurement tenders or extended bids. They are often difficult, time-consuming processes. And although most content experts know exactly what they want to offer, it sometimes proves difficult to put it into words in a clear and, above all, customer-oriented way. So the big question is: how do you actually write an effective offer that scores? Voxx Content in Context will help you do just that.

Our specialists are ready to support you with tenders

As part of our sales support, we help various clients complete their tenders, tenders or offer processes with a deal. From the entry of requests for tenders or offers to the texts and presentation of your offer. You provide a competitive price, we help compose, write and present a convincing offer. This successful combination often leads to a new deal. And thus to more turnover. Investing in an external tender team significantly increases your chances of winning.

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How can we help you?

We work with you as a full member of your team. That means that we run when necessary and understand that sometimes weekends and evenings are needed. And above all: that we really work together with your tender team and ensure a successful tender or offer. We can take on various roles for you. For example:


Successful tenders or tenders in 4 steps

A joint approach works. More than 90% of the tender processes and bids to which we actively contributed resulted in a new deal. Or a positive outcome in the selection phase or after dialogue sessions. Whether it's an EMVI, BVP or other tender process, with Voxx you can count on seniors to help you win.

For a successful tender or offer process we go through four steps with our clients:

  1. Analysing demand and tender documents/ request for tender
  2. Compiling the offer/tender
  3. Writing the texts in words and images (i.e. content in context)
  4. Composing and possibly training the presentation to your client

Costs are revenues

In this, your success is our success. This is reflected in our costs and in our quotation. We like to think along with you about your challenge. We do so without any obligation. Ultimately, your costs are also your profits: if we are successful, this will immediately generate more turnover. We understand that the costs do not always outweigh the benefits. We are happy to think creatively with you about that too.


Many tenders are confidential. So we cannot name names or show examples. One case, however, was fully public. Eneco, Roodenburg and Dura Vermeer worked through an open dialogue on a solution for healthcare facilities that would enable renovation through energy savings. It turned out to be the winning proposal. Voxx provided the content strategy throughout the process and all tender texts.


Find out how we can help your business

The copywriters of our creative communication agency are not afraid of a big writing and editing job. Because of our extensive experience with tender processes, we understand exactly what you need help with. We have five areas of knowledge on which we operate and substantively understand what our clients are talking about. Want to spar about the possibilities? Then call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to info@voxx.nl.

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