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Graphic design helps to visually position your brand in your market. Customers, employees and potential leads, everyone needs to see and understand your brand right away. A good picture often says more than a thousand words. Graphic design for B2B companies also requires a good balance between attractive visuals and credible content. Voxx's graphic designers know exactly how to find that balance.
Take your website, for example. An attractive website is essential for your online communication and content strategy. A good website pays attention to all the details: content web texts, a clean and structured design, and behind the scenes, of course, your website is also well secured. Above all, your online design should of course be in order, because does it read as easily on desktop as on your mobile?

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What can Voxx do for you?

We get it: online developments are flying around your ears. Design and UX trends follow each other in rapid succession and the pace at which Google and LinkedIn adjust their algorithms seems impossible to keep up with. All things you don't need to worry about. As experienced content agency for B2B we know how important it is to keep innovating visually as well. We are happy to take on the work for you. Examples include:


What is your digital look and feel?

It is a communication question that concerns many companies: how do you get the most out of your content? There is often no shortage of interesting input. You are overflowing with inspiring messages, have weekly updates and news items and have an array of research results, tables and annual figures. But how do you integrate all this interesting content and present it in an attractive way?
Tip 1: Do your requirements match the (online) experience of your (potential) customer? The better you know your target group, the more you can actually tailor your online and digital look & feel to your target group. A/B testing can help with this. Just be careful not to kill all creativity with 'data-driven design'. (see tip 3)
Tip 2: Be consistent. A corporate identity is not so much about the design itself, but mainly about its consistent and consistent application. Everything in green, brown or red? At least make sure it is always the same and remains recognisable.
Tip 3: be creative! You have a nanosecond to get attention: so standing out is important. In this respect, colours, fonts and design elements can help enormously. And honestly: we believe that a really great design and idea is mainly a matter of creativity and a lot less of data and analytics...

Also fun: digital magazines

Want to go all-out online in terms of presentation? Then consider a digital magazine. Online magazines have a big advantage: you can tell your story in multiple forms and in depth. It contains articles, videos, interviews, games, graphics, photography, sharing options, is interactive and accessible everywhere. Its multimedia and interactive character means you keep the reader's attention longer.

And certainly not inconvenient either: you can measure what visitors are interested in, where they come from, how they enter and what information they take in. This is indeed different from a paper magazine. Your online design plays a bigger role in this because your magazine has to do nicely not only on desktop but also on mobile. Things you need to think about right from the start. And we are happy to take that off your hands!


Also more leads, more traffic or more online engagement?

Could you use some help with the online content marketing for your company? Then our seniors will be happy to help you. We would love to hear more about your wants and needs. Together, we will discuss the best approach for your dreams. Please call +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 and get to speak to one of our staff members. Of course, you can also send an e-mail to:
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