How do you organise a B2B webinar?

"Make sure you have a good landing page on your own website with a registration form. That way you keep as much (customer) data as possible."

How do you organise and set up a successful webinar for B2B?

A webinar is incredibly interesting for B2B marketing and sales. Logical: it often costs less preparation and advertising budget than an elaborate physical event, and it often gets you just as many contact details. But what does the webinar really get you? How do you get the most out of it, for yourself and your participants?

A complete overview: this is what you need to score with a webinar

A successful webinar can be incredibly rewarding. New leads, prospects talking about you, media attention, interest from angles you didn't expect, insight into your target groups. In short, a B2B webinar offers you all kinds of opportunities, provided you use them correctly!

In this white paper, we share key insights for the B2B marketer:

  • What do you need to arrange for a B2B webinar?

  • How and in what form do you set up a successful webinar?

  • How do you get the most out of your B2B webinar?

How to organise a webinar for B2B?

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