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For an experienced English-language copywriter ready to write good native texts for you, come to Voxx Content in Context. English is the working language for more and more Dutch companies with international clients. They therefore publish print and online resources exclusively in English, both internally and externally.

At Voxx, we know what is involved here. Communicating in a foreign language does not only mean ensuring a good translation; in fact, it also requires content editing that takes into account different language nuances. As an international B2B copywriting and content marketing agency, we have extensive experience with English-language texts for technical companies, the government and the IT sector. We would be happy to help you.

Our English-language copywriter writes for international audiences

Writing or speaking for a British audience requires a different tone of voice than, say, an American or Japanese website. Not only is word usage different, but the way a message needs to be described also differs. Is the target audience used to direct language? Or should the story, on the contrary, be presented very modestly? Do they like long pieces of text or should it be written in one-liners and soundbites? An English-speaking copywriter understands the difference and also understands how to get around cultural differences and sensitivities in a B2B text or, on the contrary, how to incite them.


Translations often involve specialist knowledge. A business translation or a highly technical translation goes really deep; as an English-language copywriter, you therefore need to know the right specialist terms. Such a text should not only be correct English, but should also excite the reader. A good business text therefore requires more than spelling and style rules. An optimal text requires a fluent pen with characteristic English imagery - whether in American English or British English. At Voxx, you can easily outsource your English copywriting: we've got you covered!

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Voxx works as an English-language copywriter for many internationally operating companies. We have years of experience with writing various texts in English. Sometimes we take care of the complete translation, more often we edit and write all short and long copy and content. Where necessary, we also work closely with native English speakers. Because although we as Dutch people often think we speak and write perfect English, a native unerringly puts his finger on the sore spot!

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Sometimes translation alone is not enough. Even then, we are happy to help you. Besides translating a text, we also improve it. Should you need it, we will also sharpen your message, revamp all content - text and image - and coordinate the entire translation and storytelling process from start to finish. Together, we create an attractive (online) business card for all your foreign target groups.

From start to finish, we'll get the job done. So, who you gonna call?

Discuss the possibilities with our experts

As English-language copywriters, we work for several major companies in the Netherlands and worldwide. We have five areas of expertise on which we operate and understand substantively what our clients are talking about. As creative communication agency we would love to help you reach your company's target audience. Would you like to spar about the possibilities? Then call us at +31 (0) 20 427 44 33 or send an e-mail to info@voxx.nl. We work in small teams which ensures short lines of communication and personal and direct contact. 



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